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Scenic Byways

Sandoval County offers travelers scenic byways so beautiful and historic, they’ve attained state and national recognition.

To attain official designation, a stretch of road has to be nominated and meet the requirements of being scenic, historical and cultural. The “scenic byway” designation helps the route become more “tour friendly” and focuses resources toward further preservation efforts.

Visitors can easily combine El Camino Real, Historic Route 66 and Corrales Road scenic byways into a single day trip. From the north, start with El Camino Real, merge with Historic Route 66 in Algodones and connect via Alameda Blvd. in Albuquerque to the Corrales Road Scenic Byway.

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The County of Sandoval is pleased to bring you the Sandoval County Interactive Map(s). This on-line experience features the County from a local mapping perspective.
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